Radius: Global Payroll


Background: Radius has a team of global professionals and a range of enterprise-level applications to assist client companies with everything from expense reporting to tax advice when expanding overseas. The existing Global Payroll application needed to be redesigned from the ground up. Of particular interest was an opportunity to free up wasted visual real estate for the payroll spreadsheet, a more intuitive navigational system, moving the application into AngularJS, and an array of enhancements to be added over time. The resulting UI would be used a guideline for future application development.

Global Payroll - Demo customer


My tasks included:


The new streamlined, responsive interface was well received by both clients and the steering committee. The choice of Bootstrap as a framework has lowered the number of UI-related bugs for the spreadsheet, and decreased the time need for bug fixes, particularly in regards to cross-browser issues. The spreadsheet, which is already in a class by itself for offering service in over 50 countries, is now slated for an additional of enhancements.