mtiks phone screen
mtiks phone screen
mtiks phone screen

Background: Mobile application piracy is a serious issue that can delay software development and growth by reducing profits. mtiks was a start up that sought to mitigate the damage caused by hacked versions of applications and games. The approach would involve a subscription model that give developers a security key, which would allow them to see how many pirated versions of their software are in use in near real-time. The analytics engine could then help businesses decide when they should message users through the app requesting payment, and set a deadline for the app to expire if necessary.

If and when the app was hacked again, mtiks would simply have to generate a new key and propagate it to the healthy apps, and these changes could be done as often as needed in order to frustrate hackers, thus bringing overall rates down. The app was to be rolled out for iPhone first, with Windows Phone and other platforms to follow.


My tasks included:

  • Strategy, design, and development of customer facing web site.
  • Requirements gathering and project scope.
  • Competitor Analysis.
  • Rapid prototyping of wireframes for customer facing site as well as phone app.
  • Copy editing and content creation.
  • Front end development and cross browser testing.


The customer site was rolled out offering large hero images as a backdrop, and sales pitch that drove home the need for developers to recover lost revenue. Real-time analytics were made available through the phone app and also the website. The application proved quite successful at deterring piracy for subscribing product developers, and eventually expanded to the Windows Phone and the iPad.