Bass Guitars
Some time in the late 90's I decided that I could build a bass. No, I had to. At that time I had discovered the boutique bass market and simultaneously the world of exotic woods and I wanted in. Graduate school is good for many things but one of them is not financing a bass collection.

Did I have tools? No. Did I have skills? No. But I did have books, usenet, and friends with tools and skills. Over the next couple of years I stumbled my way through a couple of basses with some help from my friends. I bought some tools, brought them out onto the deck of my apartment, and started. By 1998 I was building basses that were at least good enough to trade or sell for enough money to fund the next wave of wood, tools, and parts.

Fast forward to the early 21st century and I am 100+ basses deep in my bass-building career. It's a great foil to compupter science; working with the hands, no matter how frustrating it gets, is oddly envigorating, and rewarding in a way that computer science cannot be. The artifact that you are left with at the end of the process can be touched and seen, and on top of it all, it makes a sound!

My brand of basses is FBB Custom and I have made over 100 basses, from 4 string short-scale to 8 string extended range long scale.

 Improvisational Musics

Powerful. That is how you will find the Improvisational Musics. But, don't be made a fool of. Fool yourself. Like the finest old world french champagnes, Moschops and Nil handcrafted improvisational rocknoll music that is vintage dated on the bottle.

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