The Large Milimeter Telescope
I currently am working with the UMass Astronomy Department on the monitor and control software that will drive the Large Milimeter Telescope, a 50m diameter millimeter-wave telescope under construction in Mexico.

Matt, another couple of statements describing the project needed here. Describe the massive scale of this fucker, or the amount of data it will gather, or how many people are working on it, or describe the exotic location, how long this project has been in the works since someone drew it on a diner napkin.

The page that the link below leads to will contain more in depth information on the project, and will contain more cool pictures of the telescope site. Think of how the Discovery Channel or Nova would describe the hugeness of this project without going over the top. Objectively convey the scale and purpose of the project for your viewer. If you want help with this, send me some copy, and I'll edit it so that normal humans can grasp it and professors will admire your frightening skills. Read more >
Learning the Structure of Activity for a Mobile Robot
My professional focus is on computer science, with specialization in artificial intelligence. In my dissertation, Learning the Structure of Activity for a Mobile Robot, I studied how activities might arise out of simple sensorimotor exploration in early cognitive development.

Matt, could use another couple of statements here to generate further interest in this project becuase it really does kick ass. You want the robotics companies or university heads to read a little more to grab their interest, then they click the "read more" link, which will take them to a page devoted to the project and you explain it in more detail, but nowhere nera the level of the dissertation.

Nope, we give them the link to the disseration on that page, so that the heavyweights can skip what you've put into (what they would consider) laymen's terms. I will help you put the images togther for the next page, which will show the robot in action. People love pictures. Read More >